We Build Digital Ventures in Indonesia.

We Build.

Adapting & Innovating. We build online marketplaces, media portals and digital ventures, we test and improve techniques from one industry and applying it to another. Our unique approach of scaling allows us to adapt, leverage ideas, talents and innovation throughout our network.

We Operate.

Engaging online portals. We operate highly engaging local portals and ventures with local content in Bahasa, local partners, local domain names and local brands. Our operation is powered by local & international teams, our Indonesian ecosystem of online portals as well as cutting edge technology, software and services.

We Commercialise.

Accelerating Markets. We commercialise digital ventures in the 280 million people strong market. Indonesia is among the top growing economies and demographics in the world leading to substantial growth of people being online and on social medias. This growth together with our digital expertise offer exciting prospects for commercialisation.

About Us.

We focus on online marketplaces and digital ventures.

Cakap Digital Ventures is a progressive Indonesian-Australian Digital Venture Builder and Startup Studio with an exciting early stage portfolio of digital ventures ready to scale. We focus on online media and marketplaces in Indonesia providing strong digital transformation, portals and services to the market.

The Digital Opportunity.

The Indonesian market represent a substantial opportunity to benefit from the tailwind of high population and strong GDP growth, increasing levels of internet connectivity, smartphone usage and social media penetration. These substantial market dynamics is leading to growing demand for online marketplaces and digital services. COVID-19 has certainly accelerated the need for digital transformation in most, if not all industries.


The timing and opportunity to establish and grow online marketplaces and offer digital services in Indonesia and around the world has moved into a new phase. Covid-19 have certainly accelerate the digital transformation in most if not all industries. The pace in which the world is now digitised and connected (close to 4.5 billion people are connected and there are 5.2 billion mobile phone subscribers according to GSMA) with Indonesia catching up to more mature regions, makes the addressable Indonesian market phenomenal.

Track Record. Domain Expertise.

We are leveraging and adapting into the Indonesian markets the success of online media and marketplaces business models in developed markets which has time after time proven its profitability and solid value creation around the globe. Our local profile and local branding strategy has proven to be attractive for local engagement, regional partnerships and growth. Our team has a solid track record and unique domain expertise to tap into the emerging Indonesian market for marketplace portals, media, social media and online digital technology. Cakap Digital Ventures is backed by the online marketplace and media company ECV Group.

Digital Marketplaces.

We set up and operate our own online marketplaces and ventures leveraging our global network and expertise.

Digital News Media.

We set up and operate our own digital news media portals and ventures leveraging our global network and expertise.

App Development.

We support our ventures with tech, advisory & maintenance leveraging our own tech development teams.

Digital Marketing.

We support our ventures with content, social media & digital marketing leveraging our own digital marketing agency Cakapdigital.com.

Who We Are.

Our mission is to support and contribute to digital transformation of indonesian businesses, industries and markets.

"Cakap Digital Ventures [CDV] is operating a series of trusted online marketplaces, popular news media portals and exciting digital ventures. CDV have a unique online domain expertise and track record accessing the exciting and dynamic Indonesian market. We are fortunate to be part of the Cakap and ECV family."

Mr Hatta, Co-Founder Cakapcakap.com