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Cakapcakap.com is an alternative and modern digital media platform with attractive and sophisticated content dedicated to Indonesian people who are or feel younger. Cakapcakap is an online destination with almost 15,000+ articles which is EDUCATING • ENTERTAINING • ENGAGING.  Cakapcakap is caring about sustainability of cultural values and believe in giving access to information which is independent & impartial, transparent & balanced. 

Cakapcakap is a partner with “Babe”, the largest news aggregator in Indonesia with 30 million users. BaBe, The Free Personalized News App with your chosen favorite news at “Untukmu” Channel, equipped with Push Notification. BaBe is the news app with Hoax Filter technology, make every news appeared is always trusted. Read more on Babe.co.id.  Furthermore cakapcakap is also seen on the second largest news aggregator in Indonesia Kurio, www.kurio.co.id. 

Please, go to cakapcakap.com read news, sign up and to find out more. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about CakapCakap so please let us know.




July, 2018


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