Hidup.co.id sparks proptech popularity in Indonesia.

Hidup.co.id sparks proptech popularity in Indonesia

Like other globally acknowledged players in the international real estate game, Hidup.co.id is looking to continue to bring Indonesian proptech on the same level as the rest of the modern world. The startup is offering international workers, students, interns and immigrants, along with locals, a better way to find mid- to long-term accommodations in major Indonesian cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, Makassar, and more. 

In Bahasa, Hidup means “living” and like its namesake, Hidup.co.id is looking to change the way foreigners and expats relocating to Indonesia fork work or any other reason, search for the perfect rentals to meet their needs. Short-term accommodations in the country are covered by platforms like Airbnb, but mid- to long-term rentals have been a struggling issue for the country, especially when it comes to scam listings on major real estate classifieds locally.

Hidup.co.id offers more than 400 curated, verified and super high-quality listings on its platform, so people relocating to these cities can visit the property online without being at the premises, and with a secured payment process between them and the landlord. Hidup.co.id Founder Steven Ungermann, an Australian national, with Indonesian background, is an experienced real estate professional that has been working for some of the largest real estate agencies in Australia and found this opportunity of “Super Listings” while in Indonesia, looking to find a mid term rental in Jakarta.

“We want to offer a streamlined experience for foreigners or nationals wanting to relocate in those large Indonesian cities, to find their new home and be totally stress-free of the paperwork and payment process, without doing pre visits and being onsite. We want to replicate the successful Spotahome’s business model from Europe to South East Asia.” says Ungermann.

Hidup.co.id is working jointly with local real estate agencies and landlords to offer them a simpler and faster experience also. Currently, the platform offers rentals from a few hundred dollars a month to more luxurious condominiums for thousands of dollars. 

Indonesia currently has more than 100,000 expat workers living in main cities, with the capacity to afford high end accommodations, and growing at a rate of more than 10% yearly with the rise of the economy and the tech startups. In addition to relationships with expat communities, global firms, and universities, Hidup.co.id is in discussions with national real estate brands and developers who have identified the opportunity for growth within Indonesia’s emerging Proptech industry. Hidup.co.id is also looking to replicate its business model in more southeast Asian hubs nearby like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City and others, tapping into a vertical of the real estate vertical industry, a new wave for the proptech space in the region. 

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